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Top 5 Job Sites in Malaysia

With the increment of job portals in this recent years, recruitment has taken a turn for tech. These sites have shown to be a vitally important tool for both employers and job seekers alike, reporting for approximately 50% of hires worldwide. Not only a means to post job listings, but job portals also offer a multitude of additional benefits for the Malaysian employer. A survey by Hays Asia reported that 60% of Malaysians found online job websites to be the most successful method of finding a new job. How’s that for a win-win situation? Get a head start with these job portals.

Jobstreet is the most popular choice for Malaysian employers and job seekers with more than 90,000 employers and 3.6 million candidates on the platform. Jobstreet promises services not just posting a job ad, offering guidance and support to employers new to the hiring scene but its tried and tested approach to attracting talent as well. The approach has earned it the moniker of Southeast Asia’s largest online employment company.

5-star job ads

Jobstreet Learning Centre provides guidance on how to craft the perfect job ad, besides many other helpful hiring tips. The job portal prides itself on offering a range of resources with the aim of helping employers in their search for prospective employees.

Smart recommendations and access to embedded industry data

Jobstreet’s extensive database comes with a number of benefits, including smart recommendations specific to your company. Get immediate industrial salary suggestions when you create your job ad, as well as suggested screening questions customized specifically to the job. The platform also makes use of integrated sourcing, which immediately recommends prospective candidates for you once your job ad is posted.

Quick and easy candidate management

Jobstreet’s SiVA Recruitment Centre does it all! Create job ads, manage candidates, access the Jobstreet Talent Search tool, and coordinate your recruitment activities with key stakeholders all on one online platform. The employer dashboard permits for suitable and effortless access to updates; its intuitive interface easily helps you keep track of applications.

MYFutureJobs is a national employment job portal developed by Socso’s Employment Insurance System (EIS) with the total number of jobs applied are 1, 512, 053. EIS helps workers in terms of unemployment benefits, skills training, job placements, career fairs as well as the hiring incentive program.

The portal is a single-window system with strong matching capability, backed by artificial intelligence and designed based on the global OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) standards.

MYFutureJobs performs job matching based on several factors such as job title, education level, skills and work experience, professional certifications, salary range, and office location. After employers have posted vacancies in the portal, the system will shortlist the best candidates. Employers may then arrange interviews with their preferred candidates with support from SOCSO Employment Enhancement Officers (EEO).

WOBB specializes in employer branding to attract Gen Y and Gen Z job seekers. Here’s a couple of attributes that every employer can get an advantage of from using WOBB:

Access to passionate Gen Y and Gen Z job seekers

86% of the users on its platform are, in fact, Gen Y! Their Tinder-Esque mobile app allows job seekers to swipe right on jobs they love, actively engaging otherwise passive candidates and thus accelerating the hiring process.

Company branding made easy

WOBB provides a variety of tools and services which give your company a chance to display its unique work culture, thus attracting viable, like-minded candidates. In particular, its use of content-rich media (a combination of professional photos, videos, and interviews) to create a personalized company profile page allows your company to construct a spellbinding narrative bound to entice any job seeker.

Friendly user interface/ employer back-end system

The procedure of posting a job listing on WOBB is very simple. Employers are given fully customizable means of purchasing credits called Job Slots which allow you to post, re-post, and replace jobs as much as you like within a 12-month period. Its virtual interviewer Aivi (Artificially Intelligent Virtual Interviewer), helps employers screen through potential candidates by copying the usual Q&A process of a face-to-face interview. Employers may then evaluate the responses to determine if the interviewee is the right fit for their company.

Professional social network, headhunting tool, and job board— LinkedIn does it all. Boasting a huge user base of 600 million users, with 25 million+ job seekers using the site per week and 35 job applications every 2 seconds, it’s a trusted job portal that gets the job done, literally, claiming to account for a successful hire every 8 seconds. The business-focused social network has refined its products over the years to offer an arsenal of tools to help you find your next hire:

Precise and personalized targeting

80% of hirers obtained a qualified applicant in just 24 hours (thanks to LinkedIn Job’s efficient screening system). It makes use of targeted promotion to help your job posts gain high visibility to potential candidates, who will meet your job listings through their Linkedin feed, emails, push notifications, etc. Its simple applicant management tool impressively leaves out candidates who don’t meet your minimum requirements; plus, it takes the edge off by dismissing your applicants for you.

Enjoy fuss-free payment and value for money

LinkedIn Job encourages elastic spending by allowing you to set a daily budget where it automatically pausing your job post when it reaches your total budget. A main added value is that you only pay for views from candidates who click on your job post and there is no extra payment for recommended candidates. For a breakdown on how exactly LinkedIn Job’s products are working specifically for your company, look no further than its Performance Summary Report for employers, which delivers key metrics, like InMail response rates and Job Slot utilization, right to your account.

Recruit Hero is a platform that matches professionals & talents, ranging from IT/tech talents, designers, digital marketers, and business development managers with leading companies in Malaysia. Founded in 2017, consists of team members with over 8 years of experience in the Asia online recruitment industry.

Intelligent job matching

Recruit Hero combines intelligent job matching to help talents discover better careers without having to waste time searching and applying for jobs. Instead, talents who join the platform would get interview invitations from leading companies who are hiring and interested in them. It intelligent job matching will ensure that it only matches the talents with relevant opportunities that fit their expertise and preferences. It automated and intelligent talent sourcing enables companies to reach the top and qualified talents that they may have missed and may not find through other channels.

Provide insights

It also provides insights into talent soft skills and tech skills, followed by numerous verifications ensuring they are the right fit for the job and company, making the screening and recruiting process faster and efficient than ever before.​

Privacy Is Priority

As it only matches you to relevant jobs & companies, it preventing irrelevant companies to search and view your personal information. The job portal never reveals your contact information including email address, phone number & address to anyone, unless with your permission, usually when you agree to attend an interview with the company. Come and sign up today at Recruit Hero to explore more jobs and it 100% FREE of charge!! Stay tuned and do follow our Facebook and LinkedIn for more.


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