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Guide To Survive a Tough Jobs Market In Malaysia 2021

What's the key to surviving Malaysia's harsh job market? After a rocky 2020, it's reasonable to say. In order to save money, many organizations and enterprises have shifted their objectives. Employees at a number of staffing organizations were among those who were laid off. This is unsurprising, given that the current epidemic has resulted in a significant increase in Malaysia's jobless rate. In actuality, the unemployment rate in March 2021 was 3.9 percent, according to figures.

As a Malaysian recruitment firm, we care about the happiness of both job searchers and workers. As a result, we'll go over the various strategies for surviving Malaysia's difficult work market. Let's find out more about how to stay afloat in today's competitive employment market, shall we?

1. Don't go job hunting like you used to

Pre-Covid It was a different era in Malaysia. Employees in the younger generations of the Millennial and Gen Z generations used to work for less than five years. Instead, they choose to bounce from one job to the next since it gives them easier access to better benefits (i.e. higher salaries and more holiday and medical leaves to name a few).

However, studies demonstrate that the longer your tenure, the more likely you are to be retained. Numbers aren't deceiving. In reality, more than 40% of retrenched or relocated employees had just been with their businesses for a year or less.

2. Understand how to market yourself (Just in Case)

The key to success is marketing. Many of us believe that marketing ourselves or selling our expertise is only useful during the job search process. When working in a position that is at risk, however, this step is just as important.

There are two options for accomplishing this:

(A) Having a high level of productivity at work

(B) Keeping in touch with your coworkers, managers, and supervisors on a regular basis

It should come as no surprise that employees who fall within these two categories are more likely to receive promotions, incentives, and a variety of other benefits. Being memorable might help you survive a difficult employment market.

Other things you may do to make yourself more appealing to your supervisor are:

(A) Developing teamwork skills: pitch additional projects or respond to group emails. Putting yourself in a better light by demonstrating to your organization that you are a team player.

(B) Communicate and solicit feedback: Employers value proactive workers. You get on the "good" list by communicating with them and asking for comments on some of the significant projects that you and your teammates have just accomplished. This activity demonstrates to them that you are both thoughtful and actionable.

(C) Teach your coworkers: Find strategies to assist your coworkers and teammates in determining what they require. Even better, during conferences and meetings, express to them your teaching thoughts. Of course, this will not only make you look good in the eyes of your superiors and supervisors. Your coworkers might see you as a valuable mentor as well.

3. Acquire Some Work Skills for Quarantine

During the global work-from-home trend, millions of people all over the world spent time learning new skills to help them become more marketable. But, what are some of the abilities that companies seek? And how are you going to show them off? So, we're about to tell you everything we know.

IT and IT skills are always in high demand in today's world. The following are some interesting tech-related skills to start with:

Programming: What's the harm in that? It is now taught to even primary school pupils. Apart from the fact that it looks fine on paper. Other soft talents you may have, such as logical thinking and problem solving, might also benefit from programming.

Analytics: Whether or whether you work with analytics and marketing, you'll need these talents. Many businesses are on the hunt for somebody with this skill. You should think about learning this talent. Additionally, analytics can aid in the development of other soft skills. Soft skills, while seemingly insignificant, can help you become more irreplaceable at work.

Digital skills: Working from home necessitates a wide range of digital abilities. Improving your digital skills might also help you stand out during the work-from-home season.

4. Change to a job that is in high demand

Switching to a high-demand position can help you find a job in today's economy. Technology, information technology, and cybersecurity, as well as healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and human resources, are some of the areas that are in high demand around the world. If you're considering a career move, now is the time to learn some skills that will help you break into this vital field. Programming, cybersecurity, and digital communication are just a few of the skills to consider.

5. Make a simple switch

It is not always possible to save your employment. Unfortunately, when your job is in jeopardy, it's best to just change jobs. It's possible that you're not connected or underperforming at work because you're on the approach of burnout. If this is the case, the best course of action is to choose a more suited employment or company.

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