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Work From Home Tips: Tune Out Distractions

Feeling out of tune? Distracted? Welcome to the new normal, the Work from Home (WFH) era. People often say working from home is easy. A bit of advice from a homeworker: WFH is not as easy or fun as you think. Working from home is a bit like having dinner with a long-lost friend who has got back in touch through Facebook. It looks like a lovely opportunity to catch up and reconnect, but in reality, it almost always winds up being fiendishly difficult, with you quickly realizing why you lost touch in the first place.

These might be the distractions you all are running away from:

· Kids and other family members (even having a pet!)

· Emails

· Cell Phone

· Noise

· Other household duties

· Wandering Mind (Mental/Emotional distractions)

You might also find out your own distractions as everyone has their own personal distracters and it takes different ways to conquer different distractions. Even so, the following expert tips will steer you in the right direction to master your focus and cut out all those home-based work distractions.

1. Get Your Family Involved

Set rules with your family not to disturb you while you’re remote working. Tell them to behave as though you were at the office. Set ground rules for your workspace, such as knocking before coming into your office or respecting quiet time between certain hours. Tell your kids not to walk in your workspace unless it is an emergency. Tell your spouse you might need to devote more time to meet deadlines at work as they might feel ignored at times. Convince your parents that you are there for them, but work hours need to be undisturbed except in case of emergencies. Plus, having a pet to care for at home is a big distraction. It can become quite a challenge. It is better to look for someone to look after your pet, take it out, and provide company while you work during the day.

2. Stay On Task

Getting up and ready and dressed for work helps one to focus more and ignore distractions. Put your phone aside. Make your home office comfortable yet formal. Invest in these little wonders to help cut out home noises around you, like the humming of the fridge, water dripping from faucets, the whirring of the fan, etc. Keep in touch with the office by socializing and reach out for help if you need any. Get organized with your workspace. Messy workspaces lead you to a messy mind which would distort your focus on work. Having a comfortable chair is a good investment as you will be spending long hours hunched over your laptop. Good lighting is a must since you will be looking at a screen all the time. Your eyes need this comfort. Do you have a fall-back option for the rare occasions your Internet fails you? The hassle of running around trying to keep an uninterrupted workflow can affect your focus and productivity badly. Also for the same reason of workflow disruption, you must have back -up power supply so that your work is not affected.

3. Is Your Household Running Well? Better Check on That!

Chores will need to be done but let not unfinished stuff weigh on your mind to the extent you keep going back to undone dishes and uncooked dinners. Plan well ahead and tackle each issue as they come along. Another essential part of any household is paying bills and these bills need to be paid on time too. However, let this not become a distraction for you. Most bills can be paid online these days. All you need to do is set reminders for yourself, so you do not miss dates. While it is advised for remote workers to take regular breaks and meet with real people, it is to be remembered that such outings create a shift in focus, and it might take longer to get back in the ‘zone’.

4. Get Back in the Zone!

Mind-wandering has long been thought of as the enemy of concentration, but that’s not always true; the right kind of daydreaming can actually help you focus. Fill all the attentional “slots” in your mind, and it leaves no room for other distractions. One way is to play music without lyrics. This helps you boost your concentration. Identify and eliminate your stressors. Clear your workspace so you can focus on the task at hand. Take time to breathe in and out slowly. Physical activity is important, even if it’s just a quick walk. Lack of movement is bad for your body and your mind as it can cause your brain to become sluggish.

Above all, try to look after yourself. “Are you leaving your desk? Are you sleeping well enough? Are you getting the rest you need?” Be kind to yourself. Broadly, these time and space differences also mean that you are more likely to experience distractions and interruptions, given that you tend to allow work and family activities to coincide. We, Recruit Hero are in this together with you. Reach out for help if you need any. Don’t forget to keep updated with other tips for working from home by following our social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Also, for those who are whether already job searching or are newly laid off because of coronavirus, good news for you! We provide you the resources you need to find the job and company you love during this uncertain time. Register at Recruit Hero today!



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