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Perks of Hiring Remote Workers: When Reality Hits

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The unemployment rate in Malaysia inched up to an unprecedented level of 4.9% in January as Covid19 hit different parts of the economy. In response to the outbreak of the disease at this instant, the hiring process would unsurprisingly be all virtual. Not to mention, did you realize how much AI as the driving force of industrial revolution 4.0 has fast evolved the world? Most are done on computers these days. Therefore, be aware of what way to hire a remote workforce makes sure your business to be in a strong position for drawing talents’ attention as well as to recruit and keep them interested.

Why Work Remotely?

Hiring remote workers save cost as they tend to adapt to remote work and do not merely require office space. Employers argue they make significant savings on real estate when switching office shifts to working from home. This could attract better candidates with a flexible work policy as your office can be anywhere now while your schedule can be your own. In some way, these workers have a propensity to work more productively resulting in them take fewer medical leave.

Remote Work Challenges

Forming genuine connections with candidates through a screen is no piece of cake. Remote workers are to be disciplined in managing their time more efficiently to “spice” things up in the working environment. These candidates need to be encouraged to get familiar with the platform and test their devices ahead of time while building rapport.

The Help of AI-Tech

Qualifications in each candidate are evaluated by the effective utilization of technology which alleviates bias and builds. The hardest part of recruitment is screening candidates from a large applicant pool. Hence, AI improves the quality of hiring by sorting out those applicants who are not that interested in the role. The ability of this technology to use data to standardize the matching between candidates’ background and the job requirements supports faster and fairer hiring. Recruit Hero is one of the best platforms with a smart matching feature that meets every recruiter's needs.

Make Remote Hiring the New Norm

Adjusting to this unique era where virtual learning is becoming the industry norm, digital hiring platforms have broken the stifling chains the uncertainties. Thanks to virtual hiring tools and techniques, we take risks and try new ways of thinking in a manner that traditional hiring rarely does. We are being forced into the world’s largest work-from-home experiment and it has not been easy. Recruit Hero is here to assist you to embrace the beauty of remote work. Register today and follow our social media accounts, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more information.


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