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Managing Remote Teams: How to Maintain Employee Relationship Remotely

Managing a team is a double challenge. You manage people and you manage objectives. The distinction between the two exists only in theory. You’re never able to completely separate the two.

Employee relations are a key element of workplace happiness and employee engagement. People thrive when they have a social support system and that goes for their working environment too. Employee Relationship Management is essential in today’s competitive business world. Building and maintaining healthy employee relations is a key requirement for your business to succeed. No one can succeed alone without great teamwork.

But how do we do so? Enhancing communication channels and motivation in employees is a great base for healthy employee relationship management. In addition to this, creating a uniform vision, embracing equality, and being a great leader are a must.

Here are the nine essential tips to help you build a healthy work relationship with employees

1. Bond Of Trust

The most important part of a boss-employee relationship is trust. Always be honest with your employees and never twist your words. Always tell the truth. Be more transparent while you approach your employees. And never gossip about your employees or share any of their personal information with others. Trust is the building block and makes your relationship with employees sustainable. So trust-building will give you great results. Bridge the relationship with trust to sustain it.

2. Merge The Gap With Communication

Communication is one of the most important key aspects of the boss-employee relationship. Open and honest communication gives you an understanding of the employees’ sentiments and needs. A workplace should not only limit to email communication. Weekly meetings and hearing out the employees help you achieve more employee loyalty. Good communication fills the gap between awkwardness and other human complexities.

3. Appreciate Your Employees

Imagine you work in a company and work hard to meet up the company’s goals and deadlines. Work can make you all exhausted and drained. A simple gesture or a "Thank you" note can lift your mood and keep you motivated.

Give your employees the appreciation they need. They work for you and dedicate a lot of time and effort to your company’s growth. Pat their backs, make them feel special and let them know how much you value their work. Do it honestly and not just for the sake of it. Though it would take very little time to appreciate their excellent work, for them, this can bring a whole new motivation and engagement in their work.

4. Be Friendly To Your Employees

There is a thin line between being friendly with your employees and forming a personal bond. It is essential to acknowledge them and to share friendliness. You cannot get more personal and share your weekend plans or your issues with them.

5. Respect Your Employees

Respect your employees and their opinions. Never make your employees feel neglected. Please don’t be harsh on their face when you disagree with them. Respect their inputs and try to explain your point of view with a little more empathy.

6. Implement Autonomy

Give your employees freedom in your workplace. Nobody would appreciate you if you don’t give your employees enough room and space to complete their tasks. Autonomy in the workplace increases job satisfaction and your relationship with employees.

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7. Show Value, Be Empathetic

Value your employees. When you do it honestly, your relationship would automatically transcend to another level. If any of your employees face problems and have a hard time dealing with them, give them your helping hand. Supporting them in their crises could create wonders for your relationship.

8.0ne to one Interaction

Go a little extra mile to talk to your employees and have a one-to-one interaction with them when needed. This would create a sense of support for your employees. Ask your employees if they are happy with the work assigned to them. If they find enough support from their team members? Are they keen on learning other processes? Or any suggestions they have on the current way of work. Questions like these would give your employees a sense of morale boost and help build positive relationships.

9. Have A learning Attitude

Don’t take the proverb “The boss is always right” literally. Keep a learning attitude, which would help the employees feel more comfortable while giving their point of view to you. This also allows the employees to realize that they are the same and gives a sense of oneness.

At the end of the day, the Boss-employee relationship is all about trust and believing in their work. Hence, it’s a collaboration where genuine involvement from both parties is compulsory.

Therefore, it's vital for the growth of any organization to understand the subtleties of this relationship. So, the bottom line for this relationship would be to learn, grow, understand and implement. Since time brings new challenges so acting along its flow seems to be the best idea. Register with Recruit Hero. Get started now and start hiring top talents. Enjoy a 14-days Free Trial of Professional Plan. Do follow our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube channels for more.


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