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Malaysian Employers Find E-Recruitment Essential for 2021 Talent Searching

Is e-recruitment delivering? There is growing evidence that organizations in Malaysia, such as Recruit Hero are using internet technology as a platform for recruiting and testing candidates. The trends in e-recruitment use suggest a changing landscape whereby in the future, the candidate is connected to the central system and there is the involvement of the line manager in the process. In addition to the reported benefits such as cost efficiencies, the role of HR in this model is viewed as more of a facilitative role, in the theory of allowing time for recruiters to become involved in the strategic issues within resourcing.

Online Recruitment Soared by 60% in May 2021


According to data from Monster Employment Index (MEI), online hiring has grown up to 5% from month to month. There are nine industries tracked by the Index, all of them recorded a huge spike in May 2021 on yearly basis. From May 2020, logistic, courier/freight/transportation, and shipping/marine raised up to 393% in online recruitment activity where employers look to fill shipping and logistics positions, or candidates seeking current vacancies. Meanwhile Malaysia also leads the way for online hiring activity across the IT, Telecom/ISP, BPO/ITES sharply at 192% and retail industries at 118%.

Functional Areas

Improving your customer service recruitment strategy is now at your fingertips, as proven its online hiring activity upraised to 167% in the data from MEI. Purchase/Logistics/Supply chain has also increased to 138% while Sales & Business Development noticed the sharpest increase at 91% in recruitment activity from the year-ago level.

Recruiters should acknowledge that the adoption of e-recruitment is about more than just the technology. It is about the recruitment system being able to attract the right candidate, the selection is based on sound and credible criteria, and the tracking process is able to integrate with existing systems. Like Recruit Hero, it is about developing the capability of HR to deliver and facilitate the system and in viewing the staffing process as an end-to-end process, similar to that of a supply chain. Want to learn more? Visit and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Register today at Recruit Hero and get a 14-days free trial to start posting your jobs.


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