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How to Hire New Employees During Covid-19

In just a few short months, life as we knew it has completely transformed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is changing rapidly—and while the future is still unknown, we’re most likely heading toward a serious global recession. To adapt to the changing environment created by COVID-19, employers who need to hire new employees right now may need to reevaluate their traditional hiring practices. How you interview, screen, and onboard new hires may be different during a pandemic. Here's how you can successfully adapt your employee recruitment strategy.

1. Make sure people know you're hiring

During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, many lost their jobs due to employers being forced to lay off workers. this is because at that time the economy was declining and could not cover the wages of workers. To find a job nowadays is very difficult especially in terms of high competition and also an unstable economy.

Many people think that no company is looking for employees this COVID-19 season. But in fact, many companies are opening job opportunities to people. Therefore, Make sure all of your current job postings are listed on your company's website and call attention to your open positions on social media and your other marketing avenues to help find the right candidate.

Encourage your company staff to share the job posting on their social media. The more shares, the bigger the reach. Bonus points for any company staff that can share why they love working for that company within the job opening post! Recruit Hero AI Sourcing solution maximizes your chances of hiring the best talents for the jobs

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2. Have a detailed employee recruitment procedure

Working during a coronavirus outbreak, you need a detailed and well-thought-out recruitment procedure or plan before you begin the process. Remote hiring will be very different from face-to-face hiring, and it is your responsibility to the company and prospective employees to ensure you have a process that will run smoothly.

When you deliver an invitation for a video interview, make sure you detail exactly how the process is and what the candidate expects.

Include all required information,

  • Such as time, date, and who to contact whom.

  • Provide a link URL to the video meeting.

  • Specific the position whether is permanent or temporary.

3. Be realistic

With unstable economic conditions, while you’re hiring, make sure your company can support new employees. Make sure the position is permanent so that the employee can last a long time according to the appropriate salary.

If you think or know that things will change after a crisis passes, such as an employee switching to a job in the office, put all of that down when you make a job offer. Whether it is a permanent position or temporary, ensure that the new hire and the company are on the same page.

4. Exposure remote working skills

It said the COVID-19 pandemic has defined the significance of skills as a top priority for hiring as opposed to the location of the job seeker. "This also reflected in another study conducted by Indeed which stated that businesses are strategically adopting technological innovations to attract the right skill set and increase efficiency.

It is expected that employers will increase work-from-home options, embracing hybrid work as the future of work. Effective communication, organization, conscientiousness, and self-direction are all useful skills in remote work. While your company may not be fully remote forever, specifically seeking these skills in job candidates can make their transition into your company easier and increase their initial productivity, since there may be less of a learning curve to adjust to remote work.

5. Use your existing candidate database

Many companies have a database of candidates who have previously submitted applications and may be seeking a job during the crisis. If you'd like to avoid active recruiting, for now, you can focus on this existing database and hire from there. it s also can save more time rather than work many times. Working with Recruit Hero AI Matching provides efficient recruiting, enables you to review only the top 10% of talents who have gone through numerous verifications

  • Review only the top 10% qualified talents

  • Matching based on your job requirements

  • Instant matching. Don't wait for talents to search for your jobs and apply.

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