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How To: Hire Best Talents during Covid-19

A survey by JobStreet has revealed up to 20 percent of respondents in Malaysia have been retrenched. It also revealed that more than two million Malaysians are expected to end up unemployed. For companies, this could be a great opportunity to hire new talents, especially companies that are less-affected by Covid-19, to help and support the society while having access to hiring from a large pool of active jobseekers.

Here's How To Hire Best Talents during Covid-19 pandemic

1. Let People Know You're Hiring

Many qualified candidates who were looking for jobs before the Covid-19 pandemic may assume that most companies are not hiring during the crisis, so you must make it well known that your company is actively seeking new employees. Make sure all of your current job postings are posted online and call attention to your open positions on social media and your other marketing avenues to help find the right candidate.

Your hiring efforts might be limited right now but it’s likely that you’re getting more qualified candidates that you can hire. Even during this time, companies should keep looking to stay connected with top-tier talent. Even if they are not expanding their workforces now, this strategy helps prepare a company’s talent funnel for future hiring pushes by making sure those conversations have already kicked off, and connections are made. Digital tools are an important element of this search.

2. Go Digital in Recruitment

With the Covid-19 pandemic changing almost every aspect of life, jobseekers are now having to adapt to companies' new hiring processes. Since in-person recruitment is not possible now, processes are shifting toward digital recruitment approaches.

Video conferencing technology enables organizations to connect with candidates in one-on-one chats and/or video presentations. Like in traditional interviewing, video interviews should be thoughtfully planned, with a formal structure and outline of areas to cover, with candidates well-prepped in advance on the technology that will be used for the interview.

Due to a lack of physical interaction, some employers also ask candidates to take technical and soft skills assessment to determine if they are a good fit for the job and the company culture.

3. Promote Job Security and Growth

How companies treat their employees during the Covid-19 pandemic will likely define their brand for decades to come. When you start hiring during Covid-19, remember to focus on promoting long-term job security and opportunities for growth. That’s the number one thing job seekers will be looking for in times of economic downturn.

If you’re trying to attract new employees during a recession, it’s important to build job security into your employer value proposition (EVP). You can then promote security and growth in your job postings and communications to candidates to ease their concerns about the future.


Fighting Covid-19 Together!

At Recruit Hero, we're here to help you to navigate the Covid-19 crisis. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we're offering companies Free Job Posting to more than 20+ job sites & social media, and help you to set up remote interviews, technical and soft skill assessments with talents you like.


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