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How AI Job Matching helps Candidate: Skills Above All

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

A resume may be full of data without any concrete information about skill sets, making it difficult for the recruitment head to identify suitable applicants. Skills are a critical asset for individual workers and firms in a rapidly changing and globalized world. The evolution of candidate skills along with the changing needs of organizations is of particular interest as a result of the current job market and the impact of COVID-19. The pair dive into the importance of candidates’ fluidity and need to reskill, or “self-skill“, in an effort to expand their opportunities.

It is important to focus on your most relevant skills and strengths when writing resumes and cover letters, and when interviewing. The more closely you can demonstrate your match to the position and show the employer how you would add value to the organization, the better your chances of job search success.

However, a resume is unable to send the right signals about a candidate's skills and competencies. Lack of adequate feedback leaves candidates in a directionless puzzle. Only a technology that maps the job skills can help candidates land their dream job. An artificial intelligence (AI) driven platform system can be of help here.

Recommendation Based on Candidate's Skill

There are so many data points to consider: skills, salaries, location, personality, experience, company culture, inaccuracies in resumes, or job descriptions. The more objective data we introduce in technical recruiting—and in recruiting overall—the better all of us will be. Analyzing all these data would need the help of technology. An AI matching feature in a job portal such as Recruit Hero, makes keywords irrelevant by extracting skills from a candidate’s background documentation. The technology could also identify automatically additional skills the candidate has forgotten to mention but which are typically present. In other words, the missing background data is corrected, and you are able to compare apples to apples.

Improve Your Job Search

Regardless of what you think about the ethics of AI, it’s hard to argue with the innovation it has brought to the job search process. AI only needs access to basic data — location, background, recent searches, and job history — to identify which jobs an applicant is most qualified for. AI is used to predict server usage enables job boards to quickly show job seekers geotargeted openings that align with their profession, skills, interests, and career goals.

Job search platforms or services will ultimately become education hubs, offering skills-building services that also rate proficiency, making it easier for job seekers to prove their quality to recruiters, with whom they would be matched. Eventually, there will be a company that’s teaching the entire world. A company that’s teaching the entire world is doing assessments on a vast scale, and you cannot compete with that kind of company as purely a recruiting company.

Gain Transparency into Why You Are a Good Fit and Apply with Purpose

Job descriptions are long and confusing. We have all spent way too much time searching for open roles by title or location or seniority and trying to decide which jobs are relevant enough to apply to. Some jobs have more than 10 requirements. You might think to yourself, “well, I meet only eight of these requirements … Am I still a good fit? And did prior people in this role actually have all of these skills?”

AI can answer both questions in a transparent way. AI job matching feature provides you with visibility into why you are a strong or good match so that you can understand the alignment without having to go through extensive guesswork. That way you can apply for open roles with improved confidence and understanding. When reviewing the popular skills of previous hires, you might realize that you forgot to add to your profile some of your skills that are relevant to the position. Since the platform allows you to make changes to your profile on an ongoing basis, you could easily make the update.

What If We Could Help Job Seekers to Find the Right Jobs More Easily?

Job seekers often say that job seeking is a job itself. It is hard work. Candidates use their time polishing their application documents, trying to find the right position to apply for, and praying to be noticed in the application process. How amazing would it be if a candidate could get automatically matched for the most suitable jobs and did not need to waste their time searching? An AI-driven platform such as Recruit Hero is featured to smart-match talents based on employers’ job requirements. So, sign up today at Recruit Hero to explore more jobs! Stay tuned and do follow our Facebook and LinkedIn for more.



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