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How AI Job Matching helps Candidate: Benefits of Smart Matching

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Have you ever been recruited by a robot? The odds are high that you have.

Being an extraordinary employee? What potentials must you have to achieve that? Did you know there are three major factors impacting a person’s potential? Those are your attitude (organizational match); technical competence (skills match); and cognitive ability, personality structure, and interests (job match). An organizational match is a degree to which the candidate’s attitudes, values, ethics, and grooming fit those required by the job position. Skills match is the degree to which a candidate’s educational background, technical skills, previous job experience, and particular expertise match those required for the position. Job match is an integral part of a candidate’s actual on-the-job success.

Understanding organizational match, skills match, and job match is integral to understanding job performance. Each is a necessary part of any hiring or performance enhancement decision. The idea of predicting job performance through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has long been a dream of the business world, and until recently, an elusive dream. With the advent of 21st century AI tools, organizations and businesses now have an instrument that offers remarkable accuracy and reliability, enabling information to be used in a number of applications that were not possible with older technologies. If management can acquire better information on people, it will inevitably make better decisions. These are why AI smart job matching is important for candidates in being extraordinary employees!

1. Offer More Relevant Jobs.

While searching for available positions, researching companies, catering resumes to positions, writing cover letters, networking, and attending several interviews for each job opening, job hunting is often a full-time job. This is especially true when job hunters don’t filter out interviews for positions unlikely to match their skill sets. AI makes seeking relevant employment opportunities more efficient and, as such, more successful. Job sites today are facing substantial challenges. Quality of service to both candidates and recruiters and HR AI technology, are more than ever before a key differentiator. Job boards are becoming a fully automated channel competing to win the top spot as a quality recruitment platform for companies. Job seekers struggle with finding the most suitable jobs on the internet. Job sites like Recruit Hero help candidates improve resumes and find more relevant jobs by enabling job seekers to easily create online profiles and be instantly matched and ranked with posted jobs and get their skills gap.

2. Improve Candidate Experience.

Thus far, we’ve looked at how AI works behind the scenes to help candidates in job hunting. But AI continues to work even after candidates are hired to ensure they keep their hard-earned jobs and grow successful careers from them. The AI-powered tool allows brands to monitor employee performance to pinpoint areas in which employees could develop new skill sets. Employees are set up for success in their current roles and have more opportunities for advancement. AI works behind the scenes to single out employees who best match available internal positions, then recommends them to those managers in positions to make promotion decisions.

3. Overcome Job Search Challenges

Conducting a job search can be one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. Whether you are trying to land your first job, or are employed but looking for a change, the demands of a job search can be overwhelming. Regardless of what you think about the ethics of AI, it’s hard to argue with the innovation it has brought to the job search process. AI only needs access to basic data: location; background; recent searches; and job history, to identify which jobs an applicant is most qualified for. The use of AI enables job boards to quickly show job seekers geotargeted openings that align with their profession, skills, interests, and career goals. A great example of a feature that should be included in a job portal as it has been in Recruit Hero, the smart-match feature helps candidates stop endless job searching and applying, instead get interview invitations who are interested in you.

The trick for job seekers to take advantage of all AI has to offer now and in the future is honesty. Make sure resumes accurately align with job performance and skillsets. In doing so, you feed AI data sets that power a brighter future for all job seekers at all stages of the employment journey. AI is clearly making job seekers’ journeys easier. Enjoy this journey by signing up with Recruit Hero and discover more best-matched jobs available in Malaysia. Stay tuned for more info and don’t forget to follow our social media accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter! Let’s sign up today!



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