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5 Malaysia's Best Job Portals of the 21st Century to Choose From

If you are looking for the best job websites in Malaysia to post your job openings to in 2021, you have come to the right place because we have got you covered in distinguishing job portals where you are going to post one today. There are loads of job boards available over the internet and no business owner wants to hire the false match into their company just as they were draining their energy and time looking through yet end up making unfruitful hiring.

Therefore, find job boards that bring you the most qualified talents and hire the best fit for your team in the nick of time. Here are the 5 best job portals for you to discover and make the right choice out of these!

1. JobStreet

You can’t miss out on mentioning JobStreet when it comes to job portals. Being one of the biggest and oldest job sites in Malaysia since 1997, it is now updated with the latest technology by publishing its findings on current trends, ideas on hiring tips as well as case studies via the Law of Attraction feature. JobStreet eases recruiters in integrating job ads and talent search with solutions from screening questions and filtering as well as interview scheduling. Present with 5-star job ads, they collaborate with other stakeholders to save time in making hiring decisions.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is designed for professional networking and career development allowing users and companies to create profiles to connect with others. The largest talent network along with competitive pricing provides ease for job advertisement. Amount up to a price point, recruiters get to explore more features such as online classes and workshops, as well as up-to-date insights on more than 740M members. The world’s most qualified talent pool is to be engaged using personalized InMail (LinkedIn’s messaging), as for a breakdown on how exactly this job portal’s products are working specifically to a company.

3. Indeed

All the way from America, Indeed is now operating globally as it offers recruiters out there a free job posting within 5 minutes which posts will appear in a general search; pay only when people click on the advertised jobs up to an amount that best suits their budget. The paid plans enable unlimited usage of accepting applicants via mobile that generates higher user traffic. Screening questions and phone interview functionality save recruiters’ time and effort too.


This one-stop youth career platform comes along with a feature to weed out poorly written CVs and potential spam applications. WOBB lets recruiters build an online persona and share virtual tours of their company culture with just a simple tap. Complete with a creative approach to a fascinating A.I. chatbot and video cover letter, the platform then levels up to paid solutions that unlock tools like a customizable virtual interviewer Aivi (A.I. Virtual Interviewer) which helps employers screen through potential candidates.

5. Recruit Hero

Founded 4 years ago in 2017, Recruit Hero assists talents and leading companies in Malaysia to land on the right track to discovering better careers. Modern approaches to career development along with better privacy lead the platform towards smart sourcing allowing recruiters to expand professional networks with active job seekers and passive talents by posting job openings to more than 20 job sites and social media. Reviewing only the top 10% qualified talents, the A.I.-powered feature smart-matches them based on employers’ job requirements as it helped recruiters dive into a pool of candidates in an instant without overlooking the talent insights.

It’s undeniably a tough atmosphere right now and you should be improving the effectiveness of hiring by selecting an even better portal that is super applicant friendly. Now that we get to distinctly picture how things are going as we have highlighted the significant key points of these job searching websites, staffing expertise like Recruit Hero is perhaps a kickstart you needed. Check out Recruit Hero for more and start free hiring in a 14-days trial. Stay tuned and do follow our social media, Facebook, and LinkedIn.



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