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4 Things To Consider When Hiring The Right Person

Recruitment and selection of employees in an organization is a very important function to ensure the success of human resource management. Without a good recruitment and selection strategy, the organization will experience some negative effects. Huselid (1994) as well as Stewart and Knowles (2000) assert that recruitment and selection practices will have an impact on the performance of the organization as a whole. In fact, the general purpose of recruitment and selection of employees is to find the best employee for a suitable position (picking the right person for the right job).

Huselid, M. A., (1994). Documenting HR’s effect on company performance. HR Magazine, 39, 79-85. Stewart, J., & Knowles, V., (2000)


Hiring takes time, effort and money. But did you know hiring the right people can actually save you money?

Employee selection is the process of identifying and selecting the best employees for the organization which is closely related to recruitment because both involve the process of placing individuals in the organization. It is strongly influenced by the recruitment strategy used. This means that a good recruitment strategy can attract as many candidates as possible to apply for the position and the selection of employees can be done more effectively. Recruit Hero is an intelligent sourcing & job-matching platform with Review only the top 10% qualified talents who matched your job requirements and get instant matching with qualified talents.

Time Management

Managing the people in your company takes time. Using the e-Recruitment system it can save time especially to employers., This is because employers can check the candidates involved in the selection of employees repeatedly. Employers can look at the criteria for each candidate more closely. Employers don’t have to waste time reviewing manual forms and just sit in front of a computer that has the system. You can start posting jobs, receive new qualified talents matching your jobs, shortlist and interview them. You can register at Recruit Hero to get started. When you hire the right people, you can focus on running your business, instead of worrying about whether the employee completed the job and did it right.

Business Growth

In addition, top management must ensure that the quantity and quality of human resources in the organization can support all missions, goals, and strategies of the organization. By hiring the right person, you can develop the quality of the companies in which you have a strong workforce and last a long time in the future. thus, you do not have to waste time constantly looking for new employees. with your existing employees, they willing to invest their time and idea to stabilize your business and improve to move forward.

Customer Service and Team Building

Candidates who possess excellent interpersonal skills are essential for building your business. As in Recruit Hero , you will get better insights into the talent's soft skills upfront. Enjoy effective screening process and start hiring for both technical & soft skills. By hiring the right person, who respects customers and co-workers alike, you’re cultivating the best customer service experience in the market. Businesses thrive when teams work together toward a common task or goal. Bringing in strong team players will contribute to your company’s culture. They also can build trust and make a long-lasting relationship.

This online recruitment system has many advantages to employers and save time. This is why employers need to know what they are looking for in hiring because an individual plays an important role in an organization. So, sign up today at Recruit Hero and get free 14-days trial of hiring. Stay tuned and do follow our Facebook and LinkedIn for more.


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