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10 Jobs That Will Be High In Demand In Malaysia Post COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s a rainbow always after the rain, as people like to say. In this case, not every job will come up from this pandemic unharmed, but there will be some that a post-COVID-19 world will well need. Within those jobs lie opportunities. Across the world, curious minds have already started searching what kinds of jobs these would be, and it is likely that we’ll see this replicated in Malaysia.

1. Insurance Agents

As a result of this pandemic, people are starting to aware of the significance of having life or health insurance. The government was aiming a 75% insight rate in 2020 regardless of the rate only being at 55% as last recorded. Attributable to COVID-19, this number may have grown since then because of demand for protection, so insurance agents will be needed to cater to these new customers.

2. Blockchain Developers

Cybersecurity becomes an even more critical topic to discuss and a problem to get to grip with this tremendous migration to a digital world. Online banking is on the climb, so more blockchain developers, for instance, will be required to advance systems that fighting cybercrimes and financial fraud. Go along with this move, it’s safe to assume that other careers within the cybersecurity industry will be seeing an increase in demand.

3. Telehealth Nurses

To deal with routine medical work and assist doctors to develop treatment and wellness regimens, nurses and physician assistants were already in demand earlier to COVID-19.

However, now that virtual healthcare, or also known as telehealth, has become a more common practice in light of the current situation, these jobs will be even more in-demand. It’ll be hard for medical staff in physical centers to concentrate on both in-person and virtual consultations, therefore, individuals who will be hired specifically for telehealth will be desired.

4. Warehouse Workers & Packers

E-commerce will continually be around, even after the pandemic. So jobs that contribute to these supply chains that give the resources to e-commerce will continue being high in demand. To overcome the ever-increasing demand for e-commerce, we may see more warehouse workers and packers getting hired. Warehouse workers responsible for shipping, receiving, and inventory organization while packers handle the preparation of orders for shipment. Both are needed to keep a warehouse’s core operations performing.

5. Manufacturing Machine Operators

When more factories re-open, we can expect massive hiring sprees in this area, where manpower is still the main driver of operations. However, we’re also seeing the need to cut down our dependence on cheap foreign labor in Malaysia, especially after the residential buildings that they live in were reported to have several positive COVID-19 cases. Automation will be one way to replace these jobs, so we may see an increase in demand for machinists trained in operating industrial robots.

6. Marketing Manager

One of the goods of having a job in marketing is that you would usually have skills that are assignable between industries, making you quite the commodity. This authorizes one to change from an industry that might not be doing so well during and after the pandemic to one that’s advancing.

They’d also want knowledgeable marketers to assist with placing themselves for a different market (through context-appropriate and trendy messages, for example). Taking a glance at job portal JobStreet, in the past week or so, over 200 job openings for marketing positions were posted, extending across FMCG, logistics, and even pharmaceutical companies.

7. Robotic Engineers

Now that we’ve seen how dependant we still are on people to get central jobs done and how awfully COVID-19 affects lots of businesses. Thanks to that, there will be a vast move towards applying robotics for automation in various industries.

Talents will be needed to develop these machines, and with these jobs in robotics, careers related to AI development will also increase. These robots would not be built only for manufacturing but we’re seeing the evolution of robots for purpose in other settings like medical institutions or for small neighborhood deliveries.

8. Software Developers

Software developers have always been in demand, but in today's situation, more companies are going digital to shield the impact of the pandemic and drive business. This means that the people who build and maintain the software that powers remote digital services will be high in demand. The new norm of remote working will also stimulate the need for software developers who can build better tools that authorize us to maintain productivity.

9. Online Teachers & Tutors

Online learning is now the mode and many institutions have made the inevitable change from offline to online in a bid to keep up education. Parents who may have avoided online learning in the past may be more open to its usability now, so even if children go back to school, their tuition may take on the form of online tutoring. Gifted, we have a lot of educational apps already, but online platforms that have actual student-teacher interaction present a smaller stepping stone for more insecure parents.

10. Remote Personal Fitness Trainers & Instructors

With gyms being classified as a non-essential business, a majority of us who like working out has gotten used to exercising at home on our own or hired remote personal fitness trainers. We may be hesitant to rush back in immediately when gyms reopen, and most likely will stick to virtual personal training services that resemble face-to-face training in the gym. Furthermore, we’ve learned that we don’t actually require fancy gym tools to adequately work out.

There’s still a lot of unpredictability surrounding which careers will sustain the pandemic and which ones won’t, so even though these jobs have maybe grown in demand post-COVID-19. But still, we can’t be sure of how long that demand will last either. At Recruit Hero, the system assists candidates to enhance their resumes and find more relevant jobs by enabling job seekers to easily create online profiles and be instantly matched and ranked with posted jobs, and get their skills gap. For more info, follow our social media accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter!


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