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COVID-19 has changed the hiring process

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world forever. Going out for meals, going to the office and working, and even meeting friends will never be the same again. The world has undergone a seismic shift in the past few months. So, it is hardly surprising that COVID-19 has also changed the way people hunt for jobs and the way companies look for new employees. More and more people are turning to technology to find the perfect fit for them.

Recruitment and hiring haven’t escaped this new reality either. As such, it is more important than ever for companies to identify what has changed and evaluate which parts of this new normal in recruitment they will bring forward into the post-COVID world.

COVID-19 has changed the hiring needs

First of all, COVID-19 has changed the hiring needs of most companies. However, this impact was very different for different industries. In most industries, there has been a decline in hiring, but in some, the demand for new people has soared.

Due to the lockdown and isolation policies that were implemented in countries across the world, many companies have been forced to shut or downsize. As a result, many organizations have put their recruitment on hold until the crisis ends.

So instead of hiring, a lot of companies have gone into a hiring freeze due to the uncertain future. Many have even been forced to fire their employees. There have been mass layoffs and a significant reduction in working hours across industries, especially in industries like travel and tourism, hospitality, entertainment, etc.

While the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has had a devastating effect on many industries and forced them to downsize their workforce, some other industries are seeing the exact opposite effect. Industries such as health care, food, and pharmacy retail and supply chain industries have faced a huge sudden need for their services. To be able to satisfy that sudden increased demand for their services, these companies had to hire a lot of additional employees.

Candidate Recruitment

Finding the best talent starts with finding potential candidates. But even knowing where to find these candidates, finding them manually is a challenging and time-consuming task. In the first step of hiring, technology has changed the game. AI automates resource efforts by attracting talent from multiple sources and narrows the list by identifying potential faster. You no longer have to switch many job boards or advertise online. with Recruit Hero automates:

1. Smart Sourcing

Maximize chances of hiring the best talents in Malaysia by sourcing and reaching millions of active and passive talents through more than 20 job sites and social media.

2. Smart Matching

Review only the top 10% qualified talents who matched your job requirements and get instant matching with qualified talents.

Candidate Screening

With the hiring volume predicted to increase after COVID-19, while the recruitment teams remain the same size or shrink, interest in automation only goes stronger. AI allowing you to look through resumes faster than a human ever can and weed out unqualified applicants. Furthermore, an AI-powered chatbot takes the pain out of screening by leading all your shortlisted applicants through a predefined series of questions that pre-screens them for the role. At Recruit Hero you can start posting jobs, receive new qualified talents matching your jobs, shortlist and interview them.

Online interview processes have become the norm

It became a new norm, Covid-19 had become a huge phenomenon, which is the company had to use the virtual interview process in the short term nowadays. While it is very difficult to navigate virtual interviews and find top candidates practically, especially when most interviews so far are done face-to-face, but in this way it saves a lot of time and ensures safety especially during the growing Covid-19 season. In many cases, companies may realize that virtual interviews are actually the best option throughout the hiring process, or simply incorporate virtual aspects to make the process more efficient. The employer needs to evaluate the candidate correctly as the employer is unable to do anything during this COVID-19 period. They need to get used to these new norms.

Location no longer limits talent pools

COVID-19 has forced many companies to move parts or all of their operations online, making location no longer a limiting factor for many business transactions — including talent recruitment. Where the search for candidates was once limited by geographic estimates or relocation, now companies have the opportunity to leverage a much larger pool of talent.

For organizations that are hoping to optimize their recruitment process, technology is proving to have a three-fold benefit. First, it saves time. While the AI sifts through candidates, many more revenue-generating tasks can be completed. Secondly, it is increasing hiring accuracy, meaning that a candidate chosen this way is likely to be a better fit for the job. And thirdly, it is helping reduce bias and error in human mentality in the hiring process. Ultimately, both the employer and the employee stand to benefit greatly from automation. So, sign up today at Recruit Hero and get free 14-days trial of hiring. Stay tuned and do follow our Facebook and LinkedIn for more.


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