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A Surge in Online Recruitment in Malaysia (2021)

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen hundreds of millions of people lose their jobs and with it, their financial security. The rapid growth of third-party e-recruitment websites has changed the recruiting trends that altered the way job seekers are looking for jobs and how companies are recruiting them. Many people are searching for jobs from Internet-based (online) recruitment service providers in this current economic climate. The internet has become a major force for changes in human resource management, especially in the recruitment section. The implementation of an online recruitment system in Malaysia has become an effective way to reach most candidates. Most submissions, interviews, and job assessments are now taking place online. Many organizations in Malaysia are now investing in new technology to be more agile in welcoming major changes in the market.

Emerging Call for E-Recruitment

Malaysia, just like most countries continue to struggle with unemployment brought out by the pandemic. The Department of Statistics Malaysia highlights the number of unemployed persons in Malaysia which spiked to a rate of 5.3% in May 2020. The rise in the unemployment rate could be a reason why this leads to an increase in the number of visits, applications, and job postings on online platforms since the start of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) announced in early May, which hints at a recovering job market. According to the Monster Employment Index (MEI) data, online recruitment in Malaysia has increased up to 49% between April 2020 and April 2021. Monthly job demand yet witnessed a de-growth of 2%. In line with the MEI data, the recruitment activity is returning to Pre-Covid levels as the country charts a recovery from the pandemic.

Sectors Earmarked for Highest Online Hiring Activity

In View of Industry

Among the industrial sectors allowed to operate during a coronavirus lockdown, 8 out of 9 industries in Malaysia that are tracked by MEI have recorded a better yearly basis in April 2021. The sharp rise in online recruitment activity includes retail (+115%), IT, Telecom/ISP, BPO/ITES (business process outsourcing/IT-enabled services) (+74%), and BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) (+63%) industries. However, many businesses failed to survive the economic pressures posed by COVID-19, such as the hospitality sector. This pandemic brought a challenge for the hospitality industry to survive by adopting innovative strategies and improving the customers’ perception of safety. This results in a drop of 9% for online recruitment activity.

In View of Functional Areas

As organizations in Malaysia are adapting to the new reality which requires new mindsets and skills, and will no doubt have a long-lasting impact on the way we continue to work and shape our workforce, employees need to be re-trained to work and lead effectively in a remote environment. In consequence, MEI recorded 8 out of 9 functional areas increased in annual demand in April 2021. A sudden jump in annual online demand for all professionals was reported in April 2021 causing the steepest growth in recruitment activity which involves Customer Service (+158%), Purchase/ Logistics/ Supply chain (+129%), and Software, Hardware, Telecom (+83%). All functional areas except Hospitality & Travel (-16%) reflected an upsurge in hiring demand.

Follow the Current Trends in Recruitment

Online recruitment is a process that brings employers and job seekers together and allows them to interact in a fast, efficient, and effective way. Software for recruiting purposes has greatly sped the hiring process as job openings can be advertised almost instantly. Knowledge in online recruitment is essential for Malaysian companies as they are facing hyper-competition in globalized recruitment. It is important for Malaysian companies to fully understand and develop the right tools to configure the efficient online recruitment practice that would enhance their recruitment processability.

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