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Telesales Executive

Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Recruit Hero helps talents to connect with best companies and jobs in Malaysia. We're currently looking for Telesales Executive for a company hiring in Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia. You'll get to know more details about the job & company if shortlisted.

Telesales Executive Job Descriptions

Job Role: outbound calling


Job Description :


Duties and Responsibilities:

· Call existing leads/customers and upsell products

· Assist sellers by doing outbound calls at least 80 to 100 on a daily basis

· Able to advise sellers on their store performances effectively and strictly follow Quality Call flow process on tools pitching

· Able to understand trends on sellers performance and advise sellers accordingly on the best move to gain advantage on revenue

· Build Rapport and seller engagement by

   o Warm support on calls

   o Accountability & Ownership – calling back on time

   o Understanding sellers time

   o Proper tone of voice while calling out

   o Adjusting to the seller phase and needs

   o Escalating matters – incase seller raises issues outside of scope and support

· Capture seller sentiments including

    o Help Needed matters

    o Positive sentiments

    o Negative sentiments

    o Innovative Ideas

· Contribute to team effort by making sure daily targets are met before we end the day

· Build sustainable relationships of trust through open and interactive communication

· Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies

   o Adhere to all Zero tolerance policies

      § Do not miss any promised callback

      § Do not Resolve cases/tickets prematurely

      § Do not be Rude to sellers

      § Do not violate rules set in place

   o Adhere to all Standard operating procedure both on client and CNX Side

· Handle Emotions and Stress well

· Highly adaptive to situation and versatile to changing directions and focus in relation to ecommerce business drive

Telesales Executive Skills

Telesales Executive Salary

Average salary for Telesales Executive ranges from RM 1,610 to RM 2,990 per month

iMoney Group
iFast Financial
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