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Heart & Halo

Arati is the founder and baker of Heart & Halo Bakery. As a young child, Arati watched her mum bake butter cakes in awe as batter turned to soft delectable cakes. When the kitchen filled with the unmistakable delicious aroma of cake, it was always a bittersweet feeling until she got to have a little taste.

She would help her mum pack these cakes for events her mother catered for, but until she got a little older, she was not allowed to help with baking, because the hot oven and the spinning mixer were potentially dangerous.

At 12 she got her first taste of baking when she baked cookies for her primary school leaving-party. She laughs at the thought of this memory because the cookies were rock hard, but she was so proud of them she brought them school anyways.

Being a vegetarian her entire life, she never could find a bakery that had good vegan or vegetarian cakes. She was always left disappointed because the cakes were either too hard, too sweet or sometimes just tasteless. And so, she set out with the goal to bake vegan and vegetarian cakes that are so good that even non-vegans and non-vegetarians would enjoy her cakes, if not prefer them.

She was determined to get better at baking and so whenever she got the chance, she baked. With every batch of cookies, brownies and cakes she got better and her recipes got better. Ultimately mastering the taste and texture of vegetarian and vegan baking.

At 18, Arati decided to attend law school in Singapore. The catch, she needed to fund her education herself. She turned to her passion for baking to support herself through law school. To her surprise, her cake business was a quick success and she managed to pay for law school with the earnings in a very short time. Proving to herself and everyone not only her skills as a baker but also her entrepreneurship.

In 2017, she left Singapore and her cake business to move back to Malaysia. Naturally, she started baking for her close friends and family in Malaysia and before she knew it, word got around and she had found herself baking full-time again.

Having acquired a central kitchen in Petaling Jaya and the necessary baking equipment, “Heart & Halo” was born. Today, she has a small team to work alongside her.

Heart & Halo Bakery serves hundreds of customers every month and supplies to cafes around Kuala Lumpur.

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