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Chemvi Laboratory Sdn. Bhd. was formed in early 2000 by a group of professionals; some of them started their careers in the Malaysian Department of Environmental. They have several years of experience in environmental management, pollution control and monitoring, environmental impact assessment, environmental education and training. The company has associated themselves with other local and international companies that have vast experience in related fields.

Our laboratory is involved in various aspects of independent analytical services tailored to meet your demands either routine analysis or prompt attendance to your analytical needs and equipped with the latest laboratory instruments and sampling equipment to cater for the ever-demanding needs for analytical precision. Fully committed to provide high quality and efficient services to its clients.

Laboratory Division
- Water Quality Analysis
- Food Analysis
- Soil, Sludge and Sediment Analysis - Organic Analysis
- Microbiological Analysis
- RoHS and Heavy Metal Analysis

Environmental Division
- Chemical, physical and microbiological analysis for compliance to various environmental specifications.
- Wastewater, river water, seawater and ground water quality monitoring
- Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
- Isokinetic Stack Monitoring and Air Emission
- Environmental Noise Monitoring
- Emission, Effluent and Waste Monitoring
- Baseline data for EIAs (Environmental monitoring for EIA Study)
- Occupational, Safety & Health Monitoring
- Noise Mapping, LEV, Chemical Exposure
- Identification of sources of impact
- Characterization of wastes and waste streams
- Vibration Monitoring
- Asbestos Removal and Management
- Municipal Solid Waste Analysis

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