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A Demo Sdn Bhd

Inta Bina is an established building contractor for residential, commercial, industrial and leisure properties. With more than 25 years of operating history, we have a proven track record of more than 110 projects completed around Malaysia.

Over the years, we have upgraded our CIDB registrations to a grade of G7, the highest grade for registrations issued, which enables us to undertake building construction and civil engineering construction projects of any sizes – a reflection of our capability in undertaking larger and more complex construction projects.

At Inta Bina, we strongly believe in delivering superior quality products and upholding the quality of our workmanship. Our commitment has helped us in earning the MS ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. At the same time, a large percentage of our projects over the last 10 years have achieved high scores of 80% and above in CONQUAS and QLASSIC assessments, a testiment to our dedication in our work.

Our status as a public listed company has given us leverage for opportunities to working with more govenment-linked property developers in Malaysia, and also raises our partners’ confidence in our cooperation. At the same time, the safety and well-being of all our staff is of utmost importance to us. In this regard, we are currently in the midst of pursuing the OHSAS 18001:2007 certification, an internationally recognised standard for occupational health and safety system.

In line with our business objectives to maintain sustainable growth and creating long-term shareholder value, our Group has sought to expand our portfolio into more new projects, especially in the affordable housing segment that is fast gaining traction in the Malaysia market. Acquisition of additional aluminium system formwork, construction machinery and equipment is in plan to prepare for the expansion.

According to the IMR Report, the outlook for the construction industry is positive for the immediate term. Together with Inta Bina‘s dedication to excellence, we are currently well positioned to become a leading contributor in construction industry in Malaysia. Combining our plans for the near future, our Group is poised to soar to even greater heights.

Klang, Malaysia

Why you should join us?

We invest in the potential of all our employees because they are the true drivers of our growth and carry our ambitions in every part of the world. Ethics and HSE, technical expertise, languages – we offer them a broad array of training courses to develop their skills throughout their career, enabling them to achieve a high level of operational performance and broaden their professional horizons.

This proactive approach, at the heart of the pioneering spirit driving the Group since its creation in 1924, explains why it is today among the top 100 most innovative companies in the world.

Benefits that we offer

Our Group has a strong business culture, summed up in its founding values: safety as a priority, respecting each other, a pioneering spirit standing together and a performance-minded approach.

These values are embedded in our DNA and mark us out from our competitors. For almost a century, they have allowed us to reconcile boldness with a caring attitude, winning new markets with a partnership-based approach, and an integrated model with diversification.

Joining us means identifying with these values and committing to implement and promote them in your everyday working life.

Employee Ratings

Culture and Values

average rating is 3 out of 5

Compensation and Benefits

average rating is 3 out of 5

Senior Leadership

average rating is 3 out of 5

Career Opportunities

average rating is 3 out of 5

Work Life Balance

average rating is 3 out of 5
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